Sunday, April 23, 2017

Danish-Zambian Pop Sensation's Message to America: We Stand Together! My Interview with Thomas Buttenschøn

Danish-Zambian Pop Sensation's Message to America: We Stand Together!

My Interview with Pop Star Thomas Buttenschøn 

In honor of the upcoming release of “Doin’ My Drugs”, let’s take a look back at my interview with this marvel of a man:

8:47 pm PDT 06/20/2015

I had the opportunity to interview the renowned Danish singer-songwriter Thomas Buttenschøn today during his concert in the heart of Los Angeles.  He told me of his latest project designed to limit the scope of HIV/AIDS around the world, through awareness, testing, and proper treatment.  We met as he stepped onto the set of his upcoming documentary.  I asked him all the standard questions, his favorite food (Sushi) and his influences (Family), and took some time to try and understand the man behind the greatness.

 Thomas was born in Zambia to a Danish man and his native Zambian wife.  His parents were blessings to their community, performing humanitarian work for the people of Zambia when they fell in love.  Over the course of the interview, I learned that Thomas was still a small child when he contracting a mysterious disease and was relocated to Denmark.  It was soon discovered this mystery ailment was one of the first cases of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  He recalled that many perished back then, including his beloved parents.  He informed me that this is the personal trauma that gave him the impetus to solidify his life's journey.  He told me that he wanted to show people of the world HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence in the modern age, and that we all can live safe, normal lives together as long as patients adopt the proper treatment regimen.  We talked about his lovely family, his literal beauty queen of a wife, and two adorably happy and healthy children, all of whom are HIV free thanks to his diligent adherence to his regimen.  He told me that his trip to the US was to champion the idea that if we together we stand and support world health, we can save countless lives and move toward general wellness.  I was sure to let him know that the US stands with him on his crusade.