An Apple A Day

Does it really keep the doctor away? Well... how about eating right and exercising regularly? Be careful of what you eat and don't get tempted by things that you know that you should not be eating. While you are in the grocery store you must show constraint by passing up those snacks and unhealthy products. When time restricted find healthy foods that are quick to make or easily available instead of purchasing fast food items. 

Do what your mother always said... eat your fruits and vegetables! Also a daily vitamin or dietary supplement will provide you with the sources of nutrition that your body needs. Afraid to show your body at the gym or membership too pricey? Well... it may be more cost effective to buy exercise equipment to workout at home. You may even want to take it back to the "old-school" and start walking, jogging, or running outside. It never hurts to do some sit-ups, crunches, stretches, and push-ups like you used to do in grade school. You can always find ways to improvise if you can't afford the exercise equipment to use at home... lift household items instead of weights... go to the park and use the monkey-bars for pull-ups and there are plenty of workout videos that will show you how to improvise further. The most important factor is to never give up!