Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alleged Side Piece of Jay Z Releases Song & Video Directed At Beyonce

According to HipHopWired.com:

Jay Z’s alleged mistress, Olivia McFallar aka Yes Liv Can, pens an open letter dedicated to the rapper’s wife titled “Sorry Mrs. Carter.”

The indie label starter speaks out for the first time about her relationship with Hov, what it did and did not entail. She even recorded it for our viewing pleasure.

Between struggle bars and piss poor cinematography, this chick’s out to brew some trouble while frantically waving a “Look at me!” sign in the process. All the while, she’s pulling from some of Jigga Man’s most famous lines. “You actin’ nonchalant for the audience/ ‘Cause I ain’t just another shorty you put the naughty on,” says Liv, who adds insult to injury when she remixes BeyoncĂ©’s lyrics as well.

“I’m ringing the alarm ’cause I overstand/ And girls can’t run the world fighting over man,” she spits.

Peep the video below:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Trinidad James Gets Dropped From Def Jam

As stated by VIBE:

The rapper of “All Gold Everything” fame took to Twitter early this morning (Aug. 2) to announce that he has been dropped from Def Jam Recordings. Stating that his album was now “free,” and that he has “no money” to pay for beats or features, the 26-year-old Atlanta native posted the following message:

I should tell yall. I got dropped by the Label. My Album is now free. If u hear ur beat or verse on it. I hope u want dap cuz i got no money
— Trinidad Jame$ (@TrinidadJamesGG) August 2, 2014

Failing to release his first official debut album with the label, James dropped two mixtapes while with Def Jam: Don’t be S.A.F.E. and 10 PC Mild. His exit follows the release of his track “Rap Game Just Too Funny,” on which he launched complaints about music executives.

Def Jam has not released an official statement regarding Trinidad James as yet.

ZOBE states:

Many independent music artists don't realize what all it takes to take what they are doing to the next level and what it takes to stay on that level and continue advancing their career. Its not easy once you get signed... thats just the beginning of your new journey... that is when you kick things into overdrive and work gets harder... not easier... some artists think that once they get signed... even to an independent label, that they don't have to do anything else after that point and they end up finding out the hard way that they were very wrong!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Zobe Records Signs Kayisha

Kayisha is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist, R&B/Pop vocalist, and writer out of Philadelphia, PA coming to a stage, radio station, magazine, and TV near you after signing to Zobe Records!

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