Sunday, June 10, 2012

Learn About Film Crews: Gaffers and Electricians

Gaffers and electricians form the “electric” part of the phrase “grip and electric.” Gaffers, who usually lead the electrical department, are responsible for the set’s lighting. They must know how to create the right mood for each scene, and how to transform any type of lighting into what the Director of Photography requests. (Some gaffers are given more latitude in lighting decisions than others.) Electricians work under the gaffer.

The electrical department works directly with grips, so much so that sometimes the two jobs are interchangeable on smaller sets. But on larger operations, gaffers and electricians set the lights in place, then grips modify them with flags and other accessories. The lights themselves can consist of tiny mood lights all the way up to giant, sun-simulating monsters.

Generally, there are three ranks in the electrical department:

Gaffer: This crewmember leads the department and has the most control over lighting.

Best Boy Electrician: This worker serves the same role as the Best Boy grip: equipment and personnel management. Think of this person as the team’s foreman.

Electrician: These perform general tasks under the direction of the Gaffer.

Like their counterparts in the grip department, members of the electrical department use a wide array of tools and equipment. Generators, cables and power splitters provide power to the lights, so a working knowledge of that equipment helps. Electricians often keep wrenches, screwdrivers and other hand tools in a tool pouch for quick access. They will also have a supply of power adapters and extension cords (colloquially called “stingers”).

On the more delicate side, a light meter helps decide what adjustments need to be made. Gloves and safety cables (to hold lights in place) provide safety, and flashlights help when entering dark areas such as the space above a ceiling. And of course, gaffer’s tape usually resides on set in large quantities. Gaffer’s tape is similar to duct tape, but it does not leave a residue and thus does much less harm to surfaces and equipment.

People who know how to use all that gear are a boost to any production. Though it may not be clear just from the credits, a good electrical department makes for a safer set and excellent lighting.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tech N9ne & MGK Concert (Monday, June 18, 2012) @ Fur Nightclub in Washington, DC:

Zobe Promotions & Lifestyle Explosion Concert Series is bringing Tech N9ne’s Hostile Takeover 2012 genre-busting hip hop music to the masses with some of the most unique forces in hip hop. Headlining artist TECH N9NE will present fans with his diverse range of music styles in a format like no other. It promises to be the type of event that will fuse a wide range of audiences into a single unified hip hop crowd.

Performing over 200 world-wide shows a year and known as the hardest touring artist in hip hop, TECH N9NE teams up for this history-making performance with Krizz Kaliko, along with Cleveland’s prodigal son Machine Gun Kelly, Strange Music’s buzz-worthy hip hop band from Miami Mayday, the imposing Detroit rapper Prozak, and from the east-side of Missouri, Stevie Stone. Buy tickets at or contact Zobe Promotions to purchase in person at (202)643-ZOBE (9623).

Known for his hardcore touring ethic and bar-setting stage performances, TECH N9NE continues to up the ante for rap artists. Bringing his memorable hits to the masses, songs like “I’m A Playa”, “Caribou Lou”, “Riotmaker”, “Like Yeah”, “O.G.” and “Leave Me Alone”, TECH N9NE proves he can deliver live as well as on CD. His 2009 album debuted at Number One on the Billboard Top Independent Album chart. His latest studio album “ALL 6’S AND 7’S” which hit stores in 2011 debuted at Number One on the Billboard Top Independent Album chart Number Four on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart; and spawned several successful videos for MTV.

Strange Music’s Hostile Takeover Tour is brought to you by Zobe Promotions & the Lifestyle Explosion Concert Series, a new exclusive music platform created to bring world-class and A-listed music artists and bands to regions across the United States.

This event is sponsored by Zobe Magazine ( and Zobe TV Network (

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maybach Music artist Wale introduces new label mate (BOA) Fatz Da Big Fella on “Spill”

By jdobypr | Posted June 2, 2012 | Washington, District of Columbia (

Wale, Maybach Music Group artist and Co-founder of “The Board Administration”(BOA) Management and Marketing group “brought out” his newest BOA artist, Fatz “Da Big Fella” June 1st. Da Big Fella’s lead single from this all-original project “Heart of a King” is entitled “Spill” and features Wale opening the song with his signature DMV sound.

After a successful run with Wale on his 2011 “Ambition” tour, Da Big Fella is the newest addition to Washington, D.C.’s dynamic company BOA, a joint venture between rapper Wale, entertainment entrepreneur Le’Greg Harrison and singer Tre from the go-go band UCB. Da Big Fella joins future Hip Hop icon Wale, the stellar Black Cobain and Tierra Thomas on their mission to impact the Hip Hop movement.

“I wanted to do something for the local community and reach out to DMV artist that had put in the work to get to the next level, including some artist that started before me, including our artist Da Big Fella” said Wale in a taped segment for the “WALE - "600 BENZ" DC mix in studio TRAILER [part 2]” which opens with an introduction by Da Big Fella.

Fatz’s first solo album, “Boss of My Power”, includes hits like “Built Like That”, “In My City” and “Dice-Gaterz”. His freshman album received 4 out of 5 stars in a review by 2 Sicc Reviews and pushed heavy units throughout the D.C. area. His second album, “Key to the City”, was released in late 2006, receiving rave reviews and outselling his previous album.

2012 brings Fatz into a new dimension of his music career, his first all original mixtape “Heart of a King” includes exclusive features by Wale and Black Cobain. Fatz is no stranger in his hometown of D.C. nor to the big stage, he featured prominently in Wale’s Ambition tour. Antoine Williams aka Fatz “Da Big Fella” has a tranquil yet energetic spirit that drives him to deliver breathtaking performances at every event or party at which he appears. Not only does he command the crowd by his physical presence, the deadly delivery of his lyrical missiles keeps the crowd leaning forward in anticipation of his next verbal assault surrounded by massive signature tracks.

The Board Administration and partner company Overdose Entertainment have created an organization where artists are encouraged to extend their talents and are given free reign over their creativity, which proved to be a perfect fit for the versatile Fatz. Team Big Fella has adopted the motto “No Days Off” meaning they are always working toward the next level of creativity and achievement.

More information on BOA is available at and Overdose Entertainment at Fans can get more information on Fatz “Da Big Fella” at his official BOA website.