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CoreyDreamz, known for his popular song "Freshman Orientation" is back once again for the release of his sophomore album "Dreamz Came Tru"!

@CoreyDreamz hot new album "Dreamz Came Tru" available for purchase and stream on all major media outlets today!

Also be sure to check out @CoreyDreamz new hot music videos!

CoreyDreamz is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist, vocalist, and songwriter from West Virginia coming to a stage, radio station, magazine, & TV near you after signing to Zobe Records!

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Ai'ma Khojé hot new album "Khojé" available for purchase and stream on September 1, 2017.
This album will be available for purchase and stream on all major media outlets!

Ai'ma Khojé - "Khojé" Album Promo:
Find out more about the woman and her new project which will be released Friday, September 1, 2017 to be available for purchase and stream on all major distribution outlets!

Ai'ma Khojé is an international female rap artist, singer-songwriter, and model coming to a stage, radio station, magazine, and TV near you after signing to Zobe Records!

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Shyerome is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist, producer, and songwriter located in Texas coming to a stage, radio station, magazine, & TV near you after signing to Zobe Records!

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Everyone wants to know... is hip-hop dead?

Hip-hop has grown over the years to be more than just music but a culture. Hip-hop started as a movement but what is it now? Can we really appreciate hip-hop today like we used to 15 or 20 years ago? Okay... for the young folks... 10 years ago... really, think about it! Hip-hop now has become very commercial and it seems like most of it sounds the same. There are some hip-hop lovers that no longer listen to the genre because of how it has evolved... people are ashamed of what it has become.

Hip-hop seemed to more and more be controlled by the media. It was always controlled by the powerful major record labels even though now many artist are turning to independent labels. However, now it seems like it is being more so controlled by politics, corporations, and the government. Has hip-hop been ruined beyond being able to be fixed or renewed?

Do you like this new hip-hop? Degrading women, teaching our youth violence, bad language, and ignoring morals... is that what the future continues to hold with hip-hop? Have you ever just searched on and looked at some of the wild and crazy things that have surrounded the hip-hop culture? What do you really feel about websites like Most hip-hop artists spend more time in and out of jail than actually making music. What type of message does that send to our youth?

Many people believe that there are secret societies in hip-hop and the music industry. Do you believe that to be true? Secret handshakes, symbolism, and the truth about the lyrics have never been explained without just dismissing allegations. If you search the internet for "hip-hop secrets" you will find some interesting material. Have you ever heard of a "free-mason"? If not... Google it and find out the definition. The term came up when searching the internet for "hip-hop secrets". So after you Google that, try searching for "hip-hop & free-mason" and see what you come up with. You will find that a lot of hip-hop artists have been accused of having affiliation or being a "free-mason". The top person on the list is hip-hop's richest "Jay-Z". However, with the release of Jay-Z's song "Freemason" with fellow hip-hop artist Rick Ross along with Jay-Z's clothing line which pictures graphics in relation to masonry along with so much more that could be alleged based upon lyrics and media, it leaves many wondering what is really going on within the realm of hip-hop! Conspiracy theory?!?!?