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Kenn Retro is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist and writer out of Chicago, Illinois coming to a stage, radio station, magazine, and TV near you after signing to Zobe Records!

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You might have seen him on BET! You might have seen him in magazines! You might have heard him on the radio! You might have seen him on stage! Next... the hip-hop/rap artist out of San Diego, California is coming to a stage, radio station, magazine, and TV near you after recently being signed to Zobe Records!

Jaybird has opened up for many celebrities such as George Lopez, The Los Angeles Lakers, Wiz Khalifa and more. Jaybird has been featured in many publications/blogs, radio show interviews, and is currently receiving radio airplay! Jaybird performed at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards with Mystikal, Mac Miller, SchoolBoy Q, and Hopsin as well as hosted part of the 2013 BET Experience. Jaybird's latest mixtape "One Shot" was produced/engineered by RJ Colston of Interscope Records who works with Dr Dre of Aftermath. Jaybird's first EP "#ThePurdyBoi" will be released summer 2014 and then he will begin touring to promote his EP!

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Jaybird's first EP release coming soon!

Jaybird The Purdy Boi - "Daygo" (Official HD Music Video)

Jaybird, Hopsin, SchoolBoy Q, Mac Miller, & Mystikal BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher

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Big Sean - Dance (A$$) Remix ft. Nicki Minaj

Wale Featuring Miguel (Lotus Flower Bomb):


Okay people. So a lot of folks are trying to compare "Barbee" to "Barbie" (Nicki Minaj). Why? People actually think that Barbee is trying to take something from Nicki Minaj. Is it not true that Barbee was out before Nicki Minaj and has won plenty of recognition and awards in the Caribbean islands in the past? So who had the fashion and style first? Does it really matter? Which is more known for "swagger jackin" styles? Who had the name first? Who looks better? Who sounds better? Can you really compare their music? We'll just let you decide...

AB Film Festival
July 6-9th

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Model Awards @ Cannes Film Festival 2011


So the word is that Washington DC's own Lola Monroe has been nominated for "Best Female Rap Artist" but "Trina" was not. We have mixed feelings about this issue. Being from the Washington DC area we love to see talent from the area progress in their careers and be successful. However, what was BET thinking to not nominate Trina after she has done so much and worked so hard over the past year topping the charts. Yes Trina was nominated for the past couple of years but that does not mean that she doesn't deserve the nomination this year. Lola Monroe, a previous video vixen, turned to the music industry with the release of her current mix-tape. Lola Monroe has not been in the music industry very long, only about 2 years or so and we've seen her perform live... can she compare to Trina? Does Lola Monroe deserve the nominee? Has she put in as much work as Trina has over the past year? What was the basis of the nominations for this year? All of these questions leave many wondering what is going on with BET.

Check out some of the other nominees:


So Wale has been doing a lot lately since signing with his new label Maybach Music Group (MMG) run by Rick Ross. It seems that Wale has found a good home for his career with some flexibility in the creativity and overall direction. The word is that Wale has been so busy in the studio that he currently has enough music produced for three albums. Now is that really possible?

After hearing something like that you tend to wonder if his idea of releasing more than one of those albums in a year would be the smart thing to do. After the first album is released would the other album get as much recognition and play? How would his album sales do if he released more than one album in a year? Don't think they would be that great. Would the other album be looked at more like a mix-tape rather than an album? Perhaps MMG and their distributor Warner Bros. should think hard about this before making a decision that could greatly affect this artist's career. We're hoping that not only the label and the distributor but also the artist will take the quality of all the songs on the album into consideration. Maybe Wale should take the best songs out of all three albums and release that as his first under the label.

Everyone wants to know... is hip-hop dead?

Hip-hop has grown over the years to be more than just music but a culture. Hip-hop started as a movement but what is it now? Can we really appreciate hip-hop today like we used to 15 or 20 years ago? Okay... for the young folks... 10 years ago... really, think about it! Hip-hop now has become very commercial and it seems like most of it sounds the same. There are some hip-hop lovers that no longer listen to the genre because of how it has evolved... people are ashamed of what it has become.

Hip-hop seemed to more and more be controlled by the media. It was always controlled by the powerful major record labels even though now many artist are turning to independent labels. However, now it seems like it is being more so controlled by politics, corporations, and the government. Has hip-hop been ruined beyond being able to be fixed or renewed?

Do you like this new hip-hop? Degrading women, teaching our youth violence, bad language, and ignoring morals... is that what the future continues to hold with hip-hop? Have you ever just searched on and looked at some of the wild and crazy things that have surrounded the hip-hop culture? What do you really feel about websites like Most hip-hop artists spend more time in and out of jail than actually making music. What type of message does that send to our youth?

Many people believe that there are secret societies in hip-hop and the music industry. Do you believe that to be true? Secret handshakes, symbolism, and the truth about the lyrics have never been explained without just dismissing allegations. If you search the internet for "hip-hop secrets" you will find some interesting material. Have you ever heard of a "free-mason"? If not... Google it and find out the definition. The term came up when searching the internet for "hip-hop secrets". So after you Google that, try searching for "hip-hop & free-mason" and see what you come up with. You will find that a lot of hip-hop artists have been accused of having affiliation or being a "free-mason". The top person on the list is hip-hop's richest "Jay-Z". However, with the release of Jay-Z's song "Freemason" with fellow hip-hop artist Rick Ross along with Jay-Z's clothing line which pictures graphics in relation to masonry along with so much more that could be alleged based upon lyrics and media, it leaves many wondering what is really going on within the realm of hip-hop! Conspiracy theory?!?!?