Friday, August 24, 2012

Week One Challenge: Ride Solo

This weekend I challenge you to "ride solo"; go out and promote yourself, by yourself. Why? Because when you travel outside of the comfy cozy box of your neighborhood bar with your life-long friends and into the wild on your own, you are guaranteed to learn about yourself and others.
The most amazing thing about the Washington DC area is the variety of people and cultures, income classes and races. Its mind blowing how many different types of people there are in the area and how often we stick to what's safe and what we know.
Get out there! Meet new people! Market yourself! Be influential! Stand out! 
If you dare to complete this challenge, give me feed back. Did you love it or hate it? Who did you talk to? What new experiences did you have? How did it effect how you feel about yourself? 
I will follow up with you all about this week's challenge: "Ride Solo" and present the Week Two Challenge that will get you thinking and experiencing outside of your small constricting box next Friday! Happy weekend!

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