Friday, January 18, 2013

T.I. (As A New Free Agent) Sparks Bidding War! He wants $75 Million To Sign To Label (Offers Have Already Been Made)

As reported by TMZ:
"Got $75 million handy? If so, you can sign T.I. to your label … the hip hop star just became the number-one free agent in rap — and despite the steep price tag he’s putting out … some deep pockets are already lining up. Sources close to T.I. tell TMZ … T.I.’s 10-year contract with Atlantic ran up only a month ago … but he’s already put together his own idea of a $75 million deal: - 3 albums - 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film and TV rights - Corporate endorsement deals - Exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists Sources close to T.I. tell TMZ … he’s already met with some of the industry’s biggest names … including Dr. Dre, who asked him to join Interscope over dinner at Katana recently … and Jay-Z, who wants T.I. in the RocNation family. We’re told Sony’s put a $50 million deal on the table so far … and Universal’s meeting with him later this week to make an offer too. All in all, not a bad group to have knocking at your door …" Now if you take a look at the history behind T.I. and how he made it to where he is today you will know why he will most likely get everything he is asking for and maybe more. T.I. has come up in the industry by doing a lot himself independently. What he raps about is his life story and what he has gone through and experienced. The trials and troubles of his life were written into hit songs! T.I. not only creates great music that will keep your head nodding but he is marketable and can appeal to a mass audience while having a humble personality. All independent artists should take those things into consideration and make note when trying to pursue a career in the music industry.

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