Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Shy Glizzy Responds To Chain Being Snatched (Audio Track)

A week ago, Shy Glizzy tried tweeting about his chain being snatched but now he’s addressing the situation in a new song, “Cut It (Remix).”

The Washington D.C. rapper was scrutinized after video footage of Memphis rapper Big Mota and his crew showing off Shy Glizzy’s chain flooded social media. Shy Glizzy attempted to set the record straight on Twitter but then chose to talk about it in a song to really express himself.

It is a 4-minute song that begins with a piece of an interview with Big Mota in which he talks about wanting to work with the “Awesome" rapper. Then you hear a piece of the video that was posted by the chain snatchers.

In this song, Shy Glizzy explains that he was two deep when the incident occurred and describes how Big Mota and his camp are a bunch of haters and will get whats coming to them. He also includes a message for those who have something to say about him online.

Shy Glizzy even takes shots at DJ Akademiks, who had something to say about the incident on social media. Shy Glizzy explains that his chain fell off his neck and when it hit the ground "broke boys had a f*cking scrimmage."

The Memphis rapper Big Mota posted a now-deleted clip on Instagram explaining why he took Shy Glizzy's chain. Big Mota stated that Shy Glizzy declined to collaborate on a song and that he wanted $50,000 for the chain to be returned.

Check out the audio below... listen to this track and tell us what you think...

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